This year at A MAZE in Berlin, Zack Wood and I decided to host and record some casual developer interviews. Despite being organised sort of last minute, we interviewed some really cool developers and there were some interesting insights into game development, design and markets.

Below are the links to the videos:

Mel Taylor (Orwell) & Simone Tranchina (Ludmilla) talk narrative games

Luis Wong (IndieNova) & Thomas Cashman (me!) talk about the Chinese games market

Zack Wood (Monster Garden) & Pavlos Alifragis (Rum Ram) talk gamedev

David Stark (Airships: Conquer the Skies) & Stefan Widany (Hyperspace Dogfights) talk game design

On a personal note, I’m typically quite introverted so this turned out to be a good way to meet new people and is probably something I’d like to host again in the future. Overall A MAZE was really fun and I’m looking forward to attending again next year.

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