I don’t have any particularly strong feeling about my 2016. If my life was a TV show it would be one of those boring filler episodes.

Games Played


I only played a few games this year. Here’s a ranking of the games I finished:

  1. Steins;Gate 0
  2. Doom
  3. Stardew Valley
  4. Hitman
  5. Firewatch
  6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  7. Pokemon Sun

I was really disappointed by Pokemon Sun. It got good reviews but I felt the game world didn’t flow – there were too many transitions when walking around the towns and islands. Not sure why it was implemented like this as you can see the rest of the world in the distance – surely they could dynamically load/unload the NPCs as you moved through the world? Maybe there’s some hardware limitation I’m not aware of.

On the other hand, Steins;Gate 0 completely blew me away and was 10 times better than the original Steins;Gate. Oh man all the feels and the soundtrack and the storyline!!! I can’t wait for the anime!

Code Wrote

I finally released mini2Dx 1.3.0 which added a responsive UI framework for all platforms. I’m hoping this will reduce time spent on UI moving forward rather than re-implementing UI input logic every game.

I also released miniscript which allows you to embed scripting into Java-based games and gradle-butler-plugin for uploading builds to itch.io.

I’ve been working away on Alchemic Cutie with Sebastien (holy crap we’ve been making this for over a year already!) and will hopefully have the alpha released soon ™. I’ve also been working on a second game with Battlebard Games which is not yet announced but will hopefully also see a 2017 release.

Looking Forward

There were no defining achievements or moments, I just continued progressing on my goals. Hopefully 2017 will see some of the work pay off. I’m definitely worried about the long term viability of continuing all this work in my spare time while holding down a job. It’s been 4 years now and my mind and body aren’t operating as well as they used to. But to quote Luke Cage “Never backwards…always forward…forward, always”.

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